Stéphane Huot

As a former member of the Control Management team at Bombardier Transport and Vice-President of Johnvince Foods, Stéphane Huot is the executive vice-president of the board of Termaco, e2ip technologies and GelPac Inc., Canadian companies that have experienced exceptional growth under his leadership. This operation professional ensures that the business reaches its full potential.

One of Stéphane’s key strengths is knowing how to to build a strong team and managing to put forward the skills and synergy of his teams to optimize productivity and performance.

Recognized by his peers for his keen sense of analysis and innate talent in the art of developing strategies that will play an essential role in the growth of a business, Stéphane Huot has a diploma in administration from UQAM. Throughout the years, he gained solid experience in management, finance and operational control.