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Designed for high-performance use in the harshest of environments, the ClickTouch™ membrane switch is a unique and versatile solution that cleverly combines smart form with reliable function. Discover why e2ip membrane switches are unlike any other.

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ClickTouch™ custom membrane switches are characteristically ‘tactile’ in type and design. The e2ip switches contain a lower layer circuit adhesive with a thermoformed polyester overlay. The overlay uses what are called ‘v-grooves’ rather than the metal domes used as a standard in alternative membrane switches. Internal circuit layers are printed on polyester substrates with specialized silver, carbon, and insulation ink, with additional protection against oxidation and other types of damage.

These types of switches activate only when the tactile area is depressed, and ceases action as the depressed area is released. Even through gloves, clear tactile feedback is felt by the user, sometimes combined with light and/or sound feedback depending if those options are chosen.

The unique proprietary design used by e2ip for ClickTouch™ minimizes parts within the switch, enabling longer-lasting use, and enhancing user experience by improving tactile feedback through extended key travel. It also offers the added benefits of being dust, dirt and water-tight and can also be made chemical-resistant as needed. Due to its design, this type of switch is often used in harsh environments where there may be heavy vibrations and loud operating sounds. It’s also particularly suitable where the switch surface or device may be frequently carried, or undergo a lot of movement in different directions or orientations – all in the course of normal use. The ability to provide adequate tactile feedback to the user while withstanding, and through, heavy industrial environmental stimuli, is the tell-tale sign of a best-in-class membrane switch.

ClickTouch the Control

Key Features​

  • High tactile feedback with precise click action
  • Long lasting: in-excess of 5 million actuations
  • Activation forces from soft to hard available
  • Wide range of key sizes and shapes available
  • Easy integration of backlighting such as LumiFilm™ (PDT) or fiber optic lamp
  • Multiple shielding options
  • Ideal for vibration-heavy applications
  • Long travel of up to 2 mm (0.079”)
  • Low contact bounce of < 10 mm (depending on key design)


ClickTouch™ membrane switches are ideal for:
  • Medical
  • Healthcare
  • Rugged-type industrial environments


  • Blenders
  • Medical devices, such as infusion pumps
  • Industrial controls
  • Fitness equipment such as treadmills
  • Handheld devices

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Capacitive switches typically consist of a thin circuit board, the key component, that sits between a backing layer and some form of durable top overlay.

Tactile Membrane Switches

These technologies, while offering complete customization, all start with a simple design: layered circuits, spacers, and adhesives housed between a strong base and a protective, functional top interface layer.

Non-Tactile Keypads

A variation on the versatile, classic membrane switch option, non-tactile switches differ from tactile switches primarily in that they offer less tactile or haptic feedback to the user when pressed to activate.

Electronics should not get in the way of design freedom.

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