• Social Impact

Social Impact

At e2ip we have an innate culture of corporate responsibility that is deeply rooted in our purpose as a company and fully integrated across every aspect of our business.

A culture is defined by how people, communities, and other stakeholders perceive a group based on their expressions, behaviors, and beliefs. Our corporate culture is built on the foundations of Community Engagement, Commitment to Employees, Sustainability and Business Excellence.

In a world where having a corporate responsibility program is table stakes, our policy is not a gimmick that exists for show, or for the sake of words on a page – but is consciously fostered among all team members and used organically every day. This is what makes it tangible, and this is what makes it stick. Since our humble beginnings, our corporate responsibility program and policies have been intertwined within e2ip’s corporate culture.

Beyond Table Stakes​
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Commitment to Employees

Empowering People Through a Culture of Collaboration, and Development

  • At e2ip, people are everything. We started as a family business and we understand that the most important quality of any organisation is its people. For this reason, we have cherished and maintained the value of the human aspect during our continued growth. This has rewarded us with employees that have been proudly working at e2ip for more than 25 years, who know the narrative and needs of our valued customers and who continue to help carry forward and share our proud heritage, corporate culture, and established values.
  • Providing a trusted space for equity, diversity, integrity, and respect.
  • Each individual is valued for who they are, and is considered integral to the e2ip mission.
  • A commitment to the common goal to strive for excellence in our industry, maintain a brand they are proud to work for, and achieve results that are truly changing the world.
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E2IP Social Impact Supporting Women scaled
Supporting Women's Well Being in Society

In 2016 e2ip implemented a Pay Equity Program and more recently we have installed ATM terminals within our e2ip Morocco facility.


Les Amis de Jean Francois has a longstanding commitment to improving the quality of life for sick children by raising funds to acquire hospital equipment and other necessities.

E2IP Social Impact Education Sports
Education and Sports

We are helping to shape the future of business and our industry by supporting high achievement programs such as the annual John Molson School of Business Case Competition and Concordia Universities' innovative CEO Shadowing Program.


e2ip's contribution to Soccer St-Laurent provides access to elite sport for disadvantaged children.

Business Integrity & Excellence

as a Service

We are accountable to a wide range of stakeholders including the Governments of Canada and Québec, our customers, their customers, our employees, their families, and all wider communities we do business in.

Every interaction with these stakeholders, whether large or small, involves a promise of integrity. This is what has allowed us to do business for so long, and to maintain and establish long relationships both internally and externally; our reputation for excellence and our accountability to everything and everyone that relies on it to survive and thrive.

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Protecting the environment is an integral part of e2ip’s core values.

Our Environmental Policy, consistent with a continuous improvement process, aims to demonstrate the commitment to minimize the impact of its products, services and activities on the environment and to prevent pollution.

Within the framework of its commitment, e2ip will aim to:

  • Comply with the applicable legal requirements.
  • Promote, develop and encourage the reduction, reuse, recovery and recycling of containers, packaging, material or products.
  • Reduce the electronics industry eco-footprint by adopting environmentally responsible criteria in the design, purchasing, and production of goods and services.
  • Promote measures to save energy, reduce waste, water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and take energy efficiency into account, particularly when purchasing equipment.
  • Encourage its partners, clients and suppliers to adhere to adhere to a social and environmental responsibility code of conduct.
  • Increase employee awareness in order that environmental protection, biodiversity, as well as the prevention of pollution become an integral part of their activities.