Capflex® Capacitive Switch Technology

Curved Capacitive Switches

When something is made to be simpler and more powerful simultaneously – we call that elegance. With no screens, no buttons, no moving parts; Capflex® capacitive switches offer new levels of design freedom. Available as flat or single-curved capacitive touch surfaces, Capflex® is the ideal choice for durable and aesthetically pleasing touch switches in any setting.

Tap into the Future
Intelligent Layering

A capacitive touch switch circuit typically consists of a thin, flexible printed circuit layer that sits between a backing layer and a top overlay. Using capacitive sensing, it then behaves with the familiarity and convenience of a touchscreen, without the need for a screen at all.

Capflex® effectively enables almost any surface to become an environmentally stylized, touch-controlled electronic smart surface thanks to a compact design that eliminates the need for additional mechanical parts. With Capflex® the surface becomes the screen and this is engineered elegance at its finest.

Clean and Conceal

There are many benefits to using capacitive touch panel technology. Thin and lightweight, Capflex® can be seamlessly integrated into almost any space. Capflex® can be used in flat or single-curved surfaces, allowing those surfaces to remain clear of any beveled buttons, knobs, or embedded screens. Unlike resistive touch switches, a curved capacitive switch may be dead front by design, cleverly concealing its utility and effectively disappearing when not in use, offering both convenience and aesthetic appeal.

Capflex® is easy to clean and maintain, can be made scratch, fingerprint, and water-resistant for high durability, and offers increased hygiene as a result. This makes it particularly useful for electronic switch applications in the medical and healthcare industries.

Creative Freedom

Select from a wide variety of top layer decorative surfaces in many different shapes and sizes, and benefit from the increased flexibility this form-fitting technology offers. Backlighting is available, using most colors in the RGB spectrum, delivering a crisp, uniform display while utilizing a lower power consumption.

Tactile sensitivity and tactile feedback can be programmed depending on the intended environment and user experience desired.

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Make the Switch to Thin Surfaces

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Key Features​
  • Proximity sensing
  • High actuation life
  • High durability
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Scratch, fingerprint and water‑resistant
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to clean
  • Optional haptic and/or audible feedback
  • Fully customizable
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  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Consumer electronics
  • White goods
  • Automotive
  • Passenger control unit
  • Remote controls
  • Galley insert control panels
  • Cabin management system interfaces
  • Patient monitor systems
  • Home appliances
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Download the datasheet to see our full technical specifications including key size, thickness, luminance, haptic feedback and more.


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