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Conductive Inks

The world today simultaneously demands designs with increased functionality in a physically smaller form factor. In many ways, the emergence of conductive inks has been a transformational innovation for printed electronics by delivering the design freedom to meet these demands.

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Screen Printing

e2ip started 30 years ago as a family business specializing in screen printing. It began as our main focus and served as an eventual catalyst for establishing and expanding our expertise and leadership in other areas such as printed electronics technologies.

Adhesives (Heatseal™)

The bonding together of the components of a final HMI or a smart surface is a critical step in the production and manufacturing process, and the best end results occur when quality meets innovation.

Lighting (Lumifilm®)

Touch screens modules fully integrated into existing systems, for deep and complete embedding in the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product.


We live in a world where systems are made up of technologies that change and evolve at different paces. With our team of scientists and our patented technologies, we have developed Printed PTC (positive temperature coefficient) heaters that are ready to plug into the most innovative, forward-thinking systems that exist today.

Printed Sensors

Screen printed on a polymer film, our printed sensors are remarkably thin and flexible. Whether it’s for medical applications, for smart applications where force needs to be measured or even sport related context, they are fully customizable and can be used in various industries.