A New Kind of Lighting Technology

Lumifilm® – Our Versatile, Ultrathin Lighting Solution

At e2ip, we offer a variety of printed lighting solutions, but there is one technology in particular that stands out for its innovative features: Lumifilm®.

Lumifilm® technology offers several advantages over traditional backlighting systems. Based on the principle of light guide films, this technology enables the creation of ultra-thin film backlighting that delivers power efficient and uniform light. Lumifilm® can be used as a backlighting source for applications such as display, signage, decoration, annunciations, and more.

The principle behind Lumifilm® technology is simple, yet powerful. Light is injected by a light-emitting diode (LED) source inside a thin polymer film. This light is then conducted via Total Internal Reflection (TIR) and extracted locally with printed dots. The dot pattern is optimized with a proprietary algorithm to ensure a uniform light output, avoiding hot spots and shadowed areas.

A New Kind of Light
Seamless Integration​

Specifically engineered to be integrated into the thinnest application, Lumifilm® offers greater fabrication and design possibilities, even when the space between components may be highly limited. Non-recurring engineering and production costs are remarkably low – eliminating the need to invest in certain hard tools, such as molds.

A Bright & Versatile Printed Light Technology

Lumifilm® is a custom solution which can be applied virtually anywhere, including but not limited to the aerospace, medical, telecommunications, wearables, transportation and defense industries. 

To list just a few potential examples, Lumifilm® can be used to provide a soft ambient light for airplane cabins or instrument panels in the aerospace industry. In the medical industry, it can be used to illuminate medical equipment and diagnostic tools. In telecommunications, Lumifilm® can be used to create unique visual displays for various devices, while in the transportation industry, it can be used to create custom lighting for car interiors or exterior displays. Wearable devices can benefit from the flexibility of Lumifilm®, which can be shaped to fit virtually any design requirement. The defense industry can use Lumifilm® for creating customized lighting solutions for instrumentation, displays and more.

Lumifilm® is designed and delivered with consistency of brightness. Overall, Lumifilm® provides a unique lighting solution that can be customized to meet the needs of virtually any industry. Its versatility, consistency of brightness, and flexibility in shape and color make it an ideal lighting solution for a variety of applications.

Electroluminescent (EL) Lamps: Another Cost-Effective Lighting Option

As part of our printed lighting solutions, we have developed EL lamps that are available in customizable shape and size, limited colors (Blue, green, white, blue-green, orange). EL lamps can be used as a backlighting option for applications such as lighting, advertisement, and display or can be integrated into a keypad assembly. 

Thanks to our advanced manufacturing processes, this reliable technology is highly cost-effective for large surface backlighting or lighting. EL lamps can be shaped to be extremely flat, or in narrow wire-like shapes, providing outstanding light uniformity across multiple surface types. 

Historically, one of the primary concerns about EL lights is their lifespan. That’s why we’ve developed cutting-edge technology that addresses this issue head-on. Our EL lamps have a proven half-life of 5000 hours, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. With improved encapsulation methods, our lamps also exhibit exceptional resistance to high humidity (95% relative humidity) and elevated temperatures (up to 70°C). You can trust our EL lamps to shine brightly and withstand the elements in even the most challenging environments.


Applications and Features

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Key Features
  • Sustainable
  • Flexible
  • Easy to use
  • Economical
  • Efficient
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  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Advertisement
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Architectural features
  • Decorations
  • Backlighting solutions
  • Advertising panels
  • Aircraft cabin lighting
  • Signage
  • Packaging
  • Keypad backlighting
  • Seat indicators
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Download the datasheet for Lumifilm® and EL Lamps to see full technological specifications including electrical, mechanical, environmental and certifications.