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5G Smart Surfaces

Developed in collaboration with the Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC), e2ip’s printed 5G Smart Surface is an emerging technology in the area of surface electromagnetics that re-shapes electromagnetic propagation. A 5G Smart Surface essentially enhances wireless applications by filtering, blocking or reflecting radiofrequency (RF) signals emitted at a selected frequency, including new 5G networks, while remaining transparent to RF signals emitted at other frequencies.

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Improving 5G Connectivity
Product Insight

The concept is simple yet powerful – a thin sheet with conductive ink strategically printed, manipulates signals to improve wireless connectivity and efficiency with very high specificity. A 5G Smart Surface can help to extend and evenly distribute signals to low coverage and dead zones, thereby matching the needs and capacity of the intended environment, optimizing connectivity accordingly.

Through the customization of frequency selective surfaces, they can be optimized for specific needs to act as a band-stop, band-pass, reflector, or diffuser. Not only are 5G Smart Surfaces a cost-effective solution that allow 5G networks to more effectively meet user’s demands, but they also have the capability to create a more reliable network infrastructure due to their unique and tailored properties to enhance the propagation of mm-Wave signals.


Designed for use in both indoor and outdoor environments, e2ip’s 5G Smart Surfaces can be integrated onto walls, panels, ceilings, floors, and other surfaces. They do not require power, and being characteristically light, thin, and flexible they are ready for deployment almost anywhere.

5G Smart Surfaces are quickly becoming integral components of the 5G landscape due to their potential to open access to higher spectrum bands and enable significant cost savings opportunities. For example, 5G Smart Surfaces can significantly reduce infrastructure management costs for telecom operators and heads of Smart Cities, while enabling improved performance in large venues. Moreover, 5G Smart Surfaces facilitate increased flexibility and scalability in 5G-enabled networks, allowing operators to more easily adjust bandwidth usage based on changing demands.

As we enter the era of fifth-generation wireless communication we have an increasing number of devices per person. The even coverage toward all people, spaces, and devices is increasingly important. 5G network providers will look to this technology as it will reduce the number of small-cell antennas required in any indoor or outdoor configuration. Since it is more affordable and easily integrated, 5G Smart Surface innovation will likely impact the way buildings are constructed in the future.


e2ip was recently named a CES 2021 Best of Innovation Honoree for its 5G Smart Surface technology in the Smart Cities category. CES honors outstanding design and engineering for consumer technology products, through an elite panel of expert industry judges.

This award speaks highly of e2ip’s achievement in 5G technology development, as the CES Innovation Awards showcases only the most revolutionary designs and engineering advances. By winning this award, e2ip has demonstrated its commitment to pushing the boundaries of 5G smart surface design and development.

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Facilitating the roll out of 5G networks

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Key Features
  • Highly effective at manipulating electromagnetic waves
  • Improves the environment (surfaces) with which the RF signals interact
  • Attenuates the transmission of signals emitted at specific frequencies (electromagnetic shielding)
  • Transparent to RF signals emitted at other frequencies (RF signal transmitted)
  • Control the direction of wave propagation
  • Cost-effective
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If you are an operator or smart city manager and responsible for 5G network rollout, 5G infrastructure build out, or 5G connectivity in smart cities, you will find that our 5G reflectors can assist in your 5G wireless planning, network coverage approach, and tailored smart city goals.

  • Smart Cities
  • Arenas
  • Private Venues
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Download the datasheet to see full technological specifications including electrical, mechanical, environmental and certifications.

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