Terry West

A technology visionary and architect, Terry has been facilitating the adoption of market leading embedded systems technologies in IIoT and graphic/touch HMI for over 35 years. Terry’s passion is the relentless pursuit of collaborating to create amazing, embedded solutions. As the first employee of RIM in the late ‘80s, he incubated technologies leading to the first BlackBerry®. More recently at Intel, Microchip, and as the founder and CEO of venture-backed Serious Integrated, Terry created and delivered breakthrough innovation and customer differentiation through a wide variety of IIoT/HMI technologies. He holds an Honours BMath in CS/EE from University of Waterloo and has designed over 100 embedded systems across more than a dozen architectures from 6502 to Multicore ARM® Cortex® A and has programmed over 1MM lines of embedded code.