Smart Surface Solutions

Beneath every surface lies an innovative technology. 

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e2ip is focused on innovation and scientific research, striving to extend its intellectual property portfolio to continuously develop leading-edge technologies, materials and processes.

Integration of functional parts to create multi-curved 3D smart surfaces that offer design freedom and an enhanced user experience.

Combination of various different touch technologies, such as capacitive, mechanical, software, and touch screens into one functional unit.

Fully customized functional solutions for classic membrane and silicone switch technologies.

Intelligent (HMI) platforms embeddable in Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEMs’) products.

Enhances 5G network coverage by filtering, blocking, or reflecting radiofrequency (RF) signals. 

About e2ip technologies

From ideation to fabrication

e2ip technologies creates new possibilities in printed electronics through advanced material science.

Our technologies transform the surfaces we touch in our everyday lives and simplify how we all interact with our physical environment.

From ideation to fabrication, we rethink the boundaries between technology and design to deliver innovative Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Smart Surface solutions.

We are proud to have been named as CES 2021 Best of Innovation Awards Honoree for our 5G Smart Surface technology and winner of the aerospace industries prestigious Crystal Cabin Award in the Materials and Components category.

Creating value for our customers

…through innovation and technology leadership

We are experts at various printing techniques such as screen printing, flexography, rotogravure, reverse lithography, and aerosol jet. Our high-speed printing methods are used to produce sub-micron trace thicknesses that bind printed electronics to underline substrate.

By binding polymers and conductive materials together, the end result is ink that can conduct electricity. This enables sleeker, smarter designs where these specialized inks can replace bulky traditional circuit boards.

e2ip HeatSeal™ is a proprietary fabrication process for superior lamination that is used to enhance the build and performance of all types of user interfaces, with a variety of HeatSeal™ types available.

PTC heaters are flexible, printed heaters that use PTC ink. The ink itself generates heat, as opposed to the wires and coils used in traditional heating technology, and the specialized formula of the ink gives it its unique self-regulating temperature capabilities.

Rethinking the boundaries
between technology and design

The story of our company is marked by growth, and focus on staying ahead of the technology curve. e2ip's next exciting chapter includes a strategic commitment to research, innovation, and the invention of new technologies that will best position e2ip as the Smart Surface industry leader.

As this journey continues, we at e2ip feel privileged to share our successes with our customers, who can continue to rely on our teams for guidance and growth.

Electronics should not get in the way of design freedom.

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