Embedded Systems

Smart Touch Surfaces

Expanding and differentiating the e2ip HMI portfolio is the unique capability to augment HMI products with fully integrated touch solutions: the embedding of additional systems and applications to HMI assemblies via touch screens.

Increased Power of Machine Control

These add-on HMI modules allow for the integration of more advanced elements to your HMI assemblies. Elements such as LCD interface technology, storage and processing of data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, and more, so that you can meet the connectivity needs that are increasingly demanded of all modern interfaces and smart surfaces. These modules are fully integrated into existing systems, for deep and complete embedding into the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) product.

Designing and enabling for connected touch interactions brings new life to previously isolated products, allowing new levels of customization and control to be achieved. Users benefit from improved visualization, increased productivity, more efficient operations, and a simpler, more efficient interactive experience with business devices and equipment. The possibilities become endless, opening a gateway for ongoing improvement and innovation. Beyond positive impacts on the user experience, it really changes the entire meaning of the product and application it is housed in.

Projects incorporating our embedded software and applications can include software, hardware/firmware, general connectivity (i.e. an entirely new system), and interconnectivity with existing systems. Furthermore, they can also be combined with, built upon, or enhanced by other e2ip technologies and products. They are the bridge to the most intuitive user experience achievable, with the expertise, experience, and trusted process of the e2ip team supporting at every step of the way.

Build powerful controls with our Embedded Systems

Key Features​

  • Powerful Communications
  • Advanced Control
  • IoT Connectivity
  • WiFi & Bluetooth Wireless


  • Industrial
  • Medical


  • Cooking equipment
  • Dental office sterilization machines
  • Truck Refrigeration Control Units

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HMI Modules

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Comms/Control Modules

Serious Communications/ Control Modules (SCMs) are designed for use by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to add sophisticated IT, IoT, and industrial/factory network connectivity…

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