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Industrial Operations and the Competitive Edge: Customized Human Machine Interfaces

November 30, 2021

Highly functional human-machine interfaces (HMIs) are an essential part of modern industrial operations. They are required to effectively execute and manage complex processes. However, the smoothest operations flow requires the right design and integration.

Across industries, the technology used for mission-critical applications must be able to not only withstand the rigorous of harsh environments but also be easy to use for workers – especially if you hope to improve operational efficiency.

For industrial applications, a poorly designed HMI is more than an inconvenience for users; it can bog down operations and cause unnecessary errors that range in severity from minor delays to serious breakdowns, all with major time and cost implications.

In today’s competitive environment, even slight gains in process speed or efficiency can ultimately lead to improved profitability, which can be the cornerstone of significant competitive advantage.

HMI Design Considerations

In order to create interfaces that enhance competitiveness and profitability, a holistic approach is required. Some of the important questions to address include (but are not limited to):

  • What are the required functions of the HMI?
  • Are there environmental considerations?
  • Will the HMI be exposed to potential contaminants or placed in proximity to hazardous substances?
  • Are there government or industry regulatory standards that must be respected?
  • What type of feedback is ideal for end-users?
  • What level of input complexity is required?

Ultimately, HMIs should strike a balance between functional requirement and usability, while offering durability and reliability throughout the anticipated lifespan of the equipment in question.


Our custom-tailored solutions respond to the complex challenges faced by the end-users. Here are just a few examples of how our products have made the lives of our customers easier:

Portable Test Equipment Interface

Our interface is part of the industry-leading non-destructive testing device, the TOPAZ16. This unit facilitates a variety of ultrasonic inspection techniques, aided by an e2ip custom interface that offers best-in-class resolution, glove-friendly operation, and readability in all conditions.

Product Characteristics

  • Highly reactive touch screen offering best-in-class resolution
  • Sunlight readable
  • Glove-friendly

PIN Keypad

Our electronic transaction terminal solutions for gas stations and other harsh environmental applications are certified to meet industry standards and can be easily integrated into any device.

Easily adapted to American, Canadian, and European markets, our fraud-resistant products pass environmental and key activation tests to make sure they are safe for use in all environments.

Product Characteristics

  • Double injection plastic keys
  • Silicone membrane
  • Injection-molded plastic parts
  • Metal plates
  • Anti-fraud layers
  • PCB
  • Polyester circuit
  • Petroleum-resistant materials
  • EMI/ESD shielding

Custom Touch Screens

Our custom touch screens are designed to enhance the user experience while facilitating application management.

We understand that our customers can have widely varying requirements and goals, so no matter what kind of touchscreen is needed for your situation – resistive, armored capacitive, projected capacitive, or armored projected capacitive – we can develop the custom solution to match.

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E2IP TECHNOLOGIES Customized Interface Solutions

From ideation to fabrication, e2ip technologies develops custom HMI solutions through a team-based approach that unites engineering, design, and material innovation. We specialize in finding creative ways of overcoming the challenges presented by industrial processes in all manner of environments.

Our products are manufactured using robust, high-quality materials, ensuring unrivaled reliability through world-class shock and vibration resistance. Based on customer specifications, we create HMIs for applications ranging from commercial ovens to non-destructive testing equipment to stand-alone industrial machinery and much more.

If you want to learn more about our customized solutions, contact us and a member of our team will contact you shortly.