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Human Machine Interfaces for Military Applications

August 9, 2022

User Experience in Defense Industry Applications

In order to be prepared for anything, military equipment requires a ruggedized design that can withstand extreme conditions. More importantly, it must have an interface that facilitates the actions required of personnel.

For personnel on the ground, actions and reaction times can literally have life-or-death consequences. Because the success of any military operation relies on the operator’s ability to make correct decisions, human-machine interfaces (HMIs) can play an integral role in enabling them. This is why HMIs for military or defense applications have particularly rigorous demands.

HMIs must meet the highest standards of ruggedization, but also make use of a holistic design that promotes a more efficient and effective user experience. Well-designed HMIs facilitate decision-making and execution by aligning intentions with actions; they provide a frictionless user experience that enables the full range of potential user actions.

Durable Materials & Robust Specifications for High-Performance HMIs

The technologies used in HMIs reflect the fact that it is now necessary to control and monitor complex systems using a single, versatile interface. Integrating this level of control into a system presents significant design challenges, as a variety of inputs and outputs may be required, and because they must be included without sacrificing ruggedization requirements.

In order to meet these extreme demands, e2ip technologies designs, engineers and manufactures keyboard platforms and reinforced housings for Human Machine Interfaces that meet the highest standards for operability in adverse conditions.

Certified for multiple activations, extreme temperature and pressure ranges, as well as resistance to vibrations, moisture, seawater, sand and dust, our HMI housings and platforms are suitable for critical mission applications, military aircraft cabin or cockpit applications, as well as ground equipment communication systems.


Performance can never be compromised by conditions. Our products offer protection against dirt, debris and liquids with excellent high ambient light/sunlight and off-angle readability, as well as offering outstanding night vision.

Our custom assemblies can include optically balanced backlighting (with or without night vision imaging system compatibility), projected capacitive or resistive touch screens, and displays and printed circuit board assemblies with numerous switch options and activation forces protected by machined or cast aluminum housings. They can also include injection-molded plastic housings, with electromagnetic interference / electrostatic discharge shielding as well as hermetic sealing.

Communication Control Panel

Communication selector boxes are a primary user interface for land command support systems, including voice and data services. They improve soldiers’ ability to select and change radio frequency bands in real time, to help provide seamless communications.

Product characteristics:

  • Multiple activations (1M actuations as per ASTM F1578)
  • Operational at high (6H at + 85°C) and low temperatures (4H at -46°C)
  • Storage in very warm (+85°C) and cold (-46°C) environments
  • Moisture-resistant (240H 85%-95% RH @+30°C to +60°C IAW MIL-STD-810F, Method 507.5)
  • Seawater-resistant (10 days IAW MIL-STD-810G, Method 509.5)
  • Sand and dust-resistant (36H IAW MIL-STD-810G, Method 510.5, Procedure I and II)
  • Pressure (13 psi and –2.5 psi @ +21°C)
  • Vibrations (IAW MIL-STD-810G, Method 514.6, Procedure I and II)

Integrated Switch Panel

Designed, engineered, and manufactured to meet the challenging demands faced by the defense industry, our integrated switch panels provide great tactile feedback for easy use and are independently sealed for protection from the environment.

Custom Touch Screen Solutions

Back by top-level certifications and years of experience, our ruggedized, weather-resistant custom touch screen solutions can be adapted to suit any defense industry need.

E2IP TECHNOLOGIES -A Trusted Defense Industry Partner

e2ip technologies is a trusted partner of the defense industry, delivering reliable solutions to the most complex, mission-critical challenges.

Enabled by extensive expertise and top-level certifications, including ASTM F1578, IAW MIL-STD-810F, and AS9100C, our keyboard platforms and reinforced housings for human-machine interfaces are designed to withstand high temperatures, extreme vibrations, hard impacts and electrical interference.

With a deep understanding of the reliability and precision requirements of our defense industry partners, we design and deliver world-class solutions for aircraft cabin and cockpit applications, ground vehicle communication systems and other mission-critical applications.