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e2ip is now a JOSCAR-registered supplier

November 20, 2023

E2IP TECHNOLOGIES’s successful registration as a supplier with JOSCAR marks a significant milestone as they join the ranks of prime contractors in the aerospace, defense, and security industries. JOSCAR, the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register, serves as a collaborative platform facilitating streamlined communication and accreditation processes among organizations in this sector. This achievement implies that E2IP TECHNOLOGIES has met the stringent standards and requirements set by JOSCAR, demonstrating compliance with key criteria such as financial stability, quality management systems, and cybersecurity measures. Being a registered supplier on JOSCAR not only signifies E2IP TECHNOLOGIES’s commitment to industry best practices but also enhances its visibility and credibility within the aerospace and defense supply chain. This accreditation positions E2IP TECHNOLOGIES as a trusted partner, fostering efficient collaboration and demonstrating its readiness to contribute to the rigorous standards upheld by JOSCAR in this highly regulated and critical sector.