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e2ip 5G Smart Surfaces EES Indoor Demo

July 19, 2023

Enhancing 5G coverage while lowering operational costs

E2IP’s 5G Smart Surface is an emerging technology in the area of surface electromagnetics that re-shapes electromagnetic propagation. A 5G Smart Surface enables wider 5G coverage and ‘non-line-of-sight’ connectivity requiring fewer small cell antennas for an overall lower cost of deployment and operation.

This technology provides a cost savings opportunity to manage infrastructure for telecom operators, heads of Smart Cities and managers of large venues such as stadiums, office buildings and malls.

Facilitating the roll out of 5G networks

Designed for use in both indoor and outdoor environments, these surfaces can be applied onto walls, windows, panels, ceilings, and other surfaces to redirect a signal. They do not require power, are easily installed and require no maintenance.

– Passive technology, no power requirements
– Thin plastic sheets of printed electromagnetic patterns
– Highly effective at manipulating electromagnetic waves
– Directs signal direction to otherwise dead zones
– Cost-effective
– Easy to install and maintain

Proudly named CES 2021
Best of Innovation Honoree
in the Smart Cities category