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Achieve Your Design Goals with Novel Backlighting Solutions

August 15, 2022

As the demand for enriched user experiences and sleeker technology shows no signs of abating, engineering and design teams, across a range of industries, are requiring thinner and more advanced lighting solutions to meet their design needs.

Although existing LED light products are often used, today’s design requirements require backlighting solutions that offer greater design possibilities. The result is that companies are always on the lookout for new backlighting solutions that can provide their products with a competitive edge.

From reigning in the cost of development to permitting new design possibilities and other benefits, Lumifilm® technology has set itself apart from traditional backlighting solutions to usher in a new era of design freedom. Whether the application relates to human machine interfaces, membrane switches, retail displays, decoration, signage, smart-touch surfaces or other electromechanical systems, Lumifilm® ensures even illumination through uniform backlighting that avoids hot spots and shadowed areas.

What is Lumifilm®?

Based on the principle of light guide film, this technology enables the creation of ultra-thin backlighting systems. Light is injected inside a thin film by a light-emitting diode (LED) source which is attached to the edge of the film.

The surface of the film contains printed dot patterns, which are obtained through a screen printing process. When the light diffuses across the surface and hits the printed dots pattern, it creates an illumination effect optimized in a way that ensures a uniform light output. This helps the light sheet avoid problems, such as hot spots and shadowed areas.

What Sets Lumifilm® Apart From Other Light Guide Films?

Unlike the traditional light guide technology that is often used in combination with translucent material, Lumifilm® overcomes the usual challenges of hot spots, light leaks and shadows through a unique, proprietary solution.

In Lumifilm® applications, light is injected by a LED source inside a thin film and is then conducted via Total Internal Reflection (TIR) and extracted locally with printed dots. What sets Lumifilm® apart is the use of e2ip’s proprietary algorithm that has been specifically created for light optimization. n. In addition, e2ip’s design of the dot pattern provides bright and consistent light output.

Lumifilm® is an innovative material that takes LED lighting and design to the next level, and it can be used in any number of applications or applied to custom shapes. Specifically engineered to be integrated into the thinnest application, Lumifilm® offers greater design freedom and lighting solution possibilities than other options on the market, and works well even when the space between components may be highly limited.

What’s best, non-recurring engineering and production costs are remarkably low when using this kind of light source, which eliminates the need to invest in hard tools, such as molds.​ This kind of next-generation printed LED backlighting is flexible, lightweight, and can satisfy all design needs.

Where can Lumifilm® be used?

Lumifilm® technology permits a wide variety of printed backlighting solutions for applications across a diverse range of sectors. Because this technology can be applied to virtually any backlight solution, Lumifilm® can help create new, improved products for the industries as diverse as aerospace, medical technology, telecommunications, defense and transportation, amongst others.

The LEDs are available in a variety of colors and the backlit surface can be customized into any desirable shape, backlighting anything from molded plastics to translucent materials.

Backlighting Solutions for Diverse Design Needs

As a backlighting source, Lumifilm® is a thin, uniform, versatile and customizable light guide film that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

If you want to learn more about how Lumifilm® technology, in conjunction with design support from ideation to fabrication, can open up a new world of design possibilities contact e2ip Technologies to speak with a specialist.