Printed Sensors

Screen printed on a polymer film, our printed sensors are remarkably thin and flexible. Whether it’s for medical applications, for smart applications where force needs to be measured or even sport related context, they are fully customizable and can be used in various industries. The concept behind this technology is simple yet ingenious: a conductive flexible ink is printed on a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), polyester (PET) or Kapton film and a printed electronic component can detect signals and send a feedback to the end user. Sensors are inherently used in our everyday lives, and as such our printed sensors are essential to the next generation of data-driven technologies.

e2ip’s medical sensors were designed with precision, budget and reliability in mind. Whether it is for a long term or disposable devices the medical sensors can be tailored to desired customer specifications. They are often used in applications such as ECG electrodes, therapeutic products, blood glucose measurement devices and can also act as wearable sensors.
Medical sensors are usually screen printed on a polymer film, but they can also be printed on stretchable substrates, allowing for greater design and application possibilities.
Compliance with medical industry standards is always assured with e2ip’ rigorous Quality Assurance testing. Download our Medical Sensors Datasheet

Flexible force sensors offer a great opportunity for smart applications where force needs to be measured and/or adjusted. They can be used for bed and seat occupancy, speed control or wearables. The variable feedback provided by the force sensors enables the user to interact with real-time measurement. Lightweight, sealed, and versatile in area, the sensors allow for additional design freedom and will reduce the overall weight of a product. Download our Force Sensors Datasheet

Clear Conductive Sensors by e2ip technologies are translucent circuits manufactured using additive processes, where translucent and conductive PEDOT ink is silkscreened on a flexible substrate. As part of a curved capacitive keypad, the integration of Clear Conductive Sensors will be used to achieve capacitive sensing. Unlike ITO films which have been used for decades and are relatively brittle and limited in its flexibility and formability, this solution offers greater flexibility. The circuits are ideal for when space saving is a priority. Thin and lightweight, they allow for additional design freedom and will reduce the overall weight of a product. Cost-effective and environmentally-friendly, this technology can be seamlessly integrated into various applications such as wearable devices, appliances, medical HMI and more.
Download our Clear Conducive Sensors Datasheet

Applications and Features

Key Features

  • Stretchable
  • Mouldable
  • Thin
  • Biocompatible
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to use
  • Great flexibility of topography according to your requirements


  • Medical
  • Wearables
  • Consumer
  • Transportation
  • White goods
  • Industrial
  • Agriculture


  • Switches
  • Touch Technology
  • Blood sugar/pressure measuring device
  • ECG Electrodes
  • Remote monitoring technologies
  • Wearables (fitness tracker..)
  • Seat occupancy sensors

Electronics should not get in the way of design freedom.

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