Bringing Heat to New Dimensions

We live in a world where systems are made up of technologies that change and evolve at different paces. With our team of scientists and our patented technologies, we have developed Printed PTC (positive temperature coefficient) heaters that are ready to plug into the most innovative, forward-thinking systems that exist today. Where the market demands heat sources to be lighter, faster, safer, smarter and more energy-efficient - this technology is the perfect temperature for the task.

A form of printed electronics, PTC heaters are flexible, printed heaters that use PTC ink. The ink itself generates heat, as opposed to the wires and coils used in traditional heating technology, and the specialized formula of the ink gives it its unique self-regulating temperature capabilities.

The magic happens when the ink is applied to polymer-based substrates or surfaces that are both flexible and durable. When combined with specialized inks, these surfaces become smart and self-sufficient.

PTC heaters are smart in that they require no external controller mechanism since they self-generate heat and self-regulate their temperatures. They adapt to the ambient temperature and act as their own sensors. With smarter failsafe mechanisms than traditional heating sources, PTC heaters offer increased safety and less likelihood of overheating. They are also less bulky than traditional heating mechanisms, and more energy efficient.

The difference is found in the way heat is generated, for how long, and when. PTC heaters offer a much more uniform temperature over time, and are able to optimize their energy output to achieve the correct heat necessary, as it identifies from both its initial design and from the environment it is placed in.

Physically, finished PTC heaters are thin, lightweight, and flexible, allowing them to be embedded ergonomically into small spaces. The simplicity of their minimalistic parts design allows for compact finishing in all kinds of environments. Having fewer components and a solid-state design ensures that durability is never compromised. These electronics maintain their quality even at high repetition and are guaranteed for long-term use. PTC heaters do more, with less.

Applications and Features

  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Safe
  • Efficient

PTC heaters bring an incredible amount of versatility to heating and warming functions across a variety of industries such as: 

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Constant temperature heater for blood and IV bags
  • Seat and bed heaters
  • Display heaters and anti-condensing
  • Mirror and steering wheel heating
  • Wing heating and de-icing
  • Battery heater
    Food and beverage warming

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Electronics should not get in the way of design freedom.

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