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e2ip 5G Smart Surfaces EES Promo

November 10, 2022

E2IP’s Smart Surfaces, facilitate 5G deployment and reduce both initial capital and ongoing operational costs. With E2IP 5G smart surface solutions Telecom Operators, Private Enterprises, Municipalities and Governments can enhance 5G coverage and significantly decrease the number of small cell antennas, reducing overall cost while improving quality of service.

E2IP’s award winning 5G Smart Surfaces are simple to set up, require no power and use existing field infrastructure to improve the coverage of any type of 5G network. E2IP 5G Smart Surfaces overcome the inherent line of sight constraints of millimeter wave limitations to get around physical structures such as walls, doors, glass, trees and buildings, thereby reducing the number of small cell antennas required to provide cost effective service to mobile and fixed wireless users.

E2IP’s 5G Smart Surfaces are small sheets or panels that can be applied to almost any indoor or outdoor surface to redirect signals toward a networks dead zones without the need for power.

Make your 5G network work for you by deploying E2IP’s 5G Smart Surfaces in the exact configuration you need to reduce your capital and operational cost while deploying high quality services. Faster, Passive, Low cost 5G Smart Surfaces from E2IP TECHNOLOGIES.

The leader in smart surface technologies.

If you’d like to discuss possible applications or learn more about E2IP’s 5G Smart Surfaces, we welcome your inquiries.

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