Announcing our corporate brand and the opening of our head office and center of excellence in printed electronics.

It is with great pride we have opened the doors to our new head office and center of excellence,  marking the launch of our new brand, e2ip technologies.

This new chapter in our story is built upon GGI’s 30 years of leadership in the HMI market. The launch of e2ip technologies now creates a new foundation leading to our introduction of groundbreaking innovations in material science and  In Mold Printed Electronics technologies. This is an exciting time for the printed electronics industry and we are proud to be leading the way.

Assembled For Growth

Over the last two years, we have brought together three great teams, GGI Solutions, ClickTouch and HeatSeal, to become a broader and more capable HMI solution provider to all our customers. Acquisitions have provided growth opportunity, yet it is mostly organic growth with all our customers that has led to our revenue and employee base doubling over the last 30 months.

We thank all our customers and partners for their continued support and confidence through our growing pains.

A Technology Innovation Leader

As an integrated, larger and more capable company, we are now better positioned to support our customers and their growth requirements. Since 2016, we have also consistently increased our research and development investments, resulting in a portfolio of Intellectual Property and Technology Innovation that is now coming to market. Our material science initiatives in advanced materials have led to the development of a revolutionary conductive ink platform. This new material, Molecular Ink or MINK, has unique electrical and physical properties that open new possibilities in printed electronic applications. Process innovation has led to new manufacturing methods and capabilities that leverage MINK. Together these create an integrated In Mold Printed Electronics solution, which we are bringing to market with global partnership initiatives that we will be announcing shortly.

World-Class Global Manufacturing Infrastructure

In August 2019 we will also open our Tier 1 high volume manufacturing facility in Casablanca Morocco to better support our customers by further extending our reach and capabilities. From a foundation based on our customer’s continued support, we have evolved from our heritage as a niche contract manufacturer that leverages technology into a technology innovation leader with world-class global manufacturing infrastructure.

A New Brand for New Opportunities

To better reflect our technology, innovation road map and our growth trajectory, we are introducing our new corporate brand. As of June 27th, 2019, GGI International’s trade name becomes;

e2ip technologies

Our new name represents what we do in the field of printable electronics, including molecular ink (e2) and intellectual property.

It is important to note that this does not represent a legal name change, a change of company control or structure. Legally we will remain GGI International until February 23, 2020 when we will at that time complete the transition and legally change to e2ip technologies.

The GGI Solutions, HeatSeal and ClickTouch brands, along with the domain, will remain in place until February 24, 2020 when all three brands will transition to represent unique product lines in the e2ip technologies solution and technology portfolio.

From the entire e2ip technologies team, we thank you for your interest and to our customers thank you for your continued support. You are the foundation of our success and we look forward to creating greater value with you for many years to come.