To our e2ip family,

e2ip technologies would like to provide you with the most recent update in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Let me first confirm that all our plants are fully operational with zero COVID-19 related absenteeism, as of March 16th, 2020.

Additionally, all our suppliers have reported they are still operational, and they have all taken preventative measures to protect their staff and minimize disruptions. Currently, we are not aware of any major disruption in our inbound supply chain.

With regards to our outbound supply chain, we hope to receive feedback this week from all customers as to how we can best assist in this time of challenge. Our plants are capable taking on additional work, whether greater volume of existing products or taking over from other suppliers who may be challenged to meet demand.

e2ip technologies has worked diligently to identify the highest risk suppliers and we have been in continuous communication with them to assess any impact to their operations and the measures they have taken to mitigate risk. Where possible, we have expedited components that we believe may become critical. Our component and raw material review is being updated on a weekly basis, based on existing and forecasted demand.

Looking ahead, as the current raw material and work in process (WIP) inventory begins to deplete from some of our suppliers, we do anticipate slightly longer than standard lead times in calendar Q3 and Q4. We encourage you to work closely with our sales and customer service teams, to exercise proactivity in your forecasts and account for a certain level of unpredictability in your requested dates.

e2ip technologies is always focused on providing consistent inventory availability for its customers. With limited forward-looking visibility, we use predictive analysis to ensure we are stocking the required inventory. We strongly suggest that you place firm orders, or at the very least, blanket orders, for the items you know you will need. We have the manufacturing capacity and will work with you to get your products into your facility as fast as possible.

e2ip technologies has taken considerable measures to mitigate potential disruptions to regular operations and risk to employee safety. These measures include, but are not limited to:

  • Daily monitoring of Governmental recommendations and actions
  • Restrictions on all travel, gatherings and third-party (visitors) access to our facilities
  • Imposed quarantine periods
  • Continuous employee communications
  • Best sanitary practice education
  • Upgrade of daily cleaning services to Disinfectant Level Service
  • Opening of all internal doors to avoid handles and contact
  • Remote access (teleworking) where possible for office staff
  • Updated emergency plan

We continue daily monitoring of the evolution of the pandemic and its impact on the global supply chain. We will provide updates as appropriate. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have additional questions or concerns.

Best regards,

Steve Birrell
Chief Commercial Officer