Versatile Human Machine Interface Solutions for Diverse Transportation Needs

The transportation industry is full of complex and evolving challenges that can only be met through the union of holistic design and innovative technology. This is true for everything from small components to entire systems, but this need is drawn into relief at the interaction point between users and vehicle systems. The human-machine interface (HMI) […]

Industrial Operations and the Competitive Edge: Customized Human Machine Interfaces

Highly functional human-machine interfaces (HMIs) are an essential part of modern industrial operations. They are required to effectively execute and manage complex processes. However, the smoothest operations flow requires the right design and integration. Across industries, the technology used for mission-critical applications must be able to not only withstand the rigours of harsh environments but […]

Embedded Control, Communications and Human Machine Interface Systems

Embedded Control, Communications and Human Machine Interface Systems From medical devices to factory automation, there are many embedded systems all around us that have changed how we interact with the world. Advanced embedded control, communications and human machine interface (HMI) systems are responsible for delivering responsive and elegant user experiences across a wide range of […]

How to Secure a Successful Career in Electronics Manufacturing

What’s something that sectors as diverse as education, healthcare, retail, and politics have in common? They’ve all rapidly embraced digital transformation following the COVID-19 pandemic. This has proven to be a silver lining for the electronics manufacturing industry since the need for printed electronics and components has understandably soared. In fact, since 2020, reports from […]

What is HeatSeal™?

HeatSeal™ technology stuck up

What is HeatSeal™ Technology? In the manufacturing process of human machine interfaces (HMI) and smart surfaces, the methods used to bond materials and components play a critical role by ensuring that the final assembly is protected from environmental factors, such as water, moisture, and chemical ingress. Protection from these environmental factors is essential to maximize […]

What is In-Mold Electronics?

In-Mold Electronics expands on existing In-Mold Labeling and In-Mold Decorating processes Before we discuss In-Mold Electronics (IME), the process that enables the production of E2IP’s Smart Molded Parts, we will recognize two processes that have been around for a while. They are In-Mold Labeling (IML) and In-Mold Decorating (IMD). In-mold labeling is the process that creates […]

The Benefits Of HMI Systems In The Medical Industry

A Human Machine Interface (HMI) is a user interface that allows humans to operate controllers for machines, systems, or instruments. Some HMI systems convert data into readable visual representations. In the medical industry, HMI systems are particularly important and can help speed up recovery, improve patient monitoring, and even save lives. 4 main reasons why […]

In-mold electronics gets human touch

As printed electronics become integrated into industrial and commercial products and solutions, the term ‘printed electronics’ is now mainstream. While leveraging printed electronics, e₂ip technologies, has been working in partnership with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) to advance the material science and manufacturing of In-Mold Electronics and with the Communication Research Centre of […]

Human Machine Interfaces for Military Applications

User Experience in Defense Industry Applications In order to be prepared for anything, military equipment requires a ruggedized design that can withstand extreme conditions. More importantly, it must have an interface that facilitates the actions required of personnel. For personnel on the ground, actions and reaction times can literally have life-or-death consequences. Because the success […]

Advanced Human Machine Interfaces: Elevating the Airline Passenger Experience

The human-machine interfaces (HMIs) in an aircraft do more than relay information. They connect passengers to the crew and the crew to the aircraft. The right design and implementation of HMIs create the foundation for an optimal experience. The passenger experience is one of the most important factors in designing an onboard human-machine interface, but […]