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e2ip is committed to minimizing
its impact on the environment.

e2ip is committed to minimizing the impact of its products, services and activities on the environment and to prevent pollution. Within the framework of this commitment, e2ip will follow these guidelines as part of a wider policy, which is freely accessible and communicated to all employees:
  • Meet all legal environmental compliance
  • Increase employee awareness such that environmental protection becomes an integral part of their activities
  • Reduction, reuse, recovery, and recycling of containers, packaging, material or products
  • Design, purchase, and production of goods and services criteria that respect the environment
  • Promote energy saving measures and considering energy efficiency, in particular, when purchasing equipment
  • Encourage partners, clients and suppliers to adopt these behaviours and respect the environmental protection legislation in force
  • Maintain an environmental committee responsible for policy and its continued improvement
  • Maintain ISO 14001 certification

e2ip is focused on innovation and scientific research, striving to extend its intellectual property portfolio to continuously develop leading-edge technologies